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The player asks the dealer another card (hit) when the sum of the cards is low. Usually players communicate with the dealer using gestures, which accelerates the pace of play and less distraction from counting units lying on the table cards. If a player wants to take another card, it shows a finger on their cards or making hand gesture invitation - move his hands to himself. Instead, the player also can knock over the table with his fingers.

EXAMPLE. The player has the first two cards 2 and 4 (the sum of 6), and requests another card "hit", the dealer gives the third card 3 (amount was 9, she is also small), again hit 25 fourth card dealer gives 5 (sum of 14) player requests another card dealer gives 6 (sum 20), the player refuses to continue the set of cards.

When the sum of the player's cards close to 21 and the probability of busting high player refuses additional cards - making negative gesture (Stand) - horizontal movement of the palm (waved) towards another player or the dealer. EXAMPLE. The player has 7 and 10 ($ 17) and refuses to set additional cards = Stand.

If the split player receives a third card of the same rank as the first two, he can make a Respite - re-split pair cards. Rules of online casino games blackjack can be allowed repeated respite. Basic online strategy game in blackjack based on the comparison of several probabilities: probability of busting the player and the dealer and the probability of making a stronger player combinations that can resist the dealer's cards. Identifying these same probability is based on the ratio are in a deck of cards of different rank. Using all the rules of the game in blackjack and basic strategy play online blackjack (blackjack) by rules with multiple decks of cards, you should follow the rules strategy game blackjack online.